Orofino Unit 8A ??

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Sep 22, 2001
Northeastern Iowa (Guttenberg)
Is there anyone that know of this unit? I was invited for a Elk hunt next year by a friend that lives there.
I hunted north of Pierce three years ago with him, now that the town is becomming a Ghost town do to the Mill closing, he and his family had to start over and now live near Orofino.
I'm not sure if I should try Bow or Rifle. Can you give me some help?
It's south of me, but I here good things from guys that hun there. Lots of brushy hill sides to hunt for elk. I'd make my first hunt ther with a rifle, but I don't know how you prefer to hunt.
I Hunt from an ATV, I site on the back end with my back again a board for a rest, and my legs I swing up to the side. It's really pretty comfortable and i can stay there for along period.
When i Bow hunt, I use the ATV to get to and from and i get in my wheelchair and a blind if there is enough cover for one.
I'm hoping if I Bow hunt , there will be plenty of wallows or maybe a pond where they are drinking or wallowing in.
At least during Bow season there are more Bulls Bugling than Rifle season and I can at pin point there position and get set up there for the next day.
Thanks for the reply, will talk to you again. Later, Wayne
Wayne, I'm pretty familiar with 8A and think it will be a great unit for you to hunt in. Lots of open logging roads in the National Forest and on Potlatch land. Plenty of elk and deer. Lots of nice whitetail bucks moving around a lot during the rut, which usually starts around 11/13 and hits it's peak about 11/20. I bet you could have some good luck with a rifle then. The elk get pushed a lot because of all the roads and guys on ATVs but that could be to your advantage when you find the right spot, if you're using a rifle. I hope your buddy can get you on some private land for some archery elk hunting. There are some real nice places around some of the small towns--old farms with fairly flat roads on them to get around.

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Thanks Guys,
Ithaca 37, Thanks for the info, will need as much as I can get.
I hope to my friend there can get so farmers to lrt us on. The last time I heard from him he had a couple places.
I've been on many hunts that was suppose to be alot in our favor, like the private stuff and etc. But seems like every time i got there some thing always change our percentage to low .
I like to get as much info on the area were going to just incase this does happen.
Once i was suppose to meet my cousin in Elk City and he was going to take us to a Ranch, well, he left for a work related trip to another state and we had to start from the beginning, we didn't see one Elk.
It's a long drive from the very North Eastern Corner of Iowa to there. And, it does cost alot.
Well thanks again for your help, will take anymore if you have more.
By the way, we decided to Rifle hunt, My friend there isn't a Bow hunter, and I think he wants to hunt with us...
Later...Always a Friend here in Iowa..Wayne
Ithaca 37,
Are you familar about the Mill closing up at Pierce, a couple years ago?
They say that 85 o/o of the people had to leave because of loosing their jobs. Now it is a Ghost town.
That area was hunted pretty hard and now sounds like the herd should be pretty good in another year or so.
Thats where I took my 4x5 just North of their 15 miles. Was a beautifull area, The most beautiful place I have ever hunted, so far.
Some day, I hope to go back and hunt again. There were miles and miles of roads and trails a person like me could take my ATV every where.
Well, will talk to you later...Take Care all.. Wayne
Wayne, Yes, I'm familiar with Pierce and just about all the country between there, Headquarters, Weippe and Orofino. Lots of logging roads open everywhere. I like to road hunt along Three Bears Road near Cavendish when it's raining and I don't wanna get wet. I've hunted all around the Dworshach Reervoir, too. Great country and the kinda place a guy on an ATV has a pretty good chance at deer and elk. I hope you'll have a Clearwater Nat'l Forest map, which is avavilable at the Clearwater Hdqtrs office in Orofino. It will show you all the roads that are open. I bet the people at the Forest office would be real helpful, too. Good luck to you.
Sounds like your real familiar with that area. We went 3 miles north of Pierce, turned left at the county garage on a gravel road and went ( I think) about 8 miles, just before the road splits, turn right and Thats where I got my Bull. Was a real pretty place.
Did some driving farther up the right road and man was that ever some DEEP Canyon stuff. I'd hate to have to go down there for one.
Saw some nice Whitetails just past the county garage.
My friend says we'll be hunting just across the Dwarshat Res, is more rolling hills and not as steep as before. I hope so.
Well, will talk to you another time, Thank alot...Have a Good One...Wayne
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