NZ pt.2


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Jun 1, 2003
hi there, here's some pics from the second part of a backpack trip to NZ my brother and l compeleted in May 2003. Location: Whataroa valley Westland South Island. After 4 attempts l was finally successful in taking a Chamois buck with the bow
it was great to finally get some meat in camp..ds

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DS,that is some of the prettiest country I have ever seen.That chamois is colored up like it belongs there.NZ has a strange government,if they want to get rid of something like that!
Congrats on the Chamois. That sure is some awsome looking country you have there. Thanks for the great pictures and you can keep that bridge.
Thanx..that swing bridge did give me the creeps the first time. Kraven, there are heaps of Chamois about at the moment especially in the west coats & unguided oppurtunities are good. If u choose to hunt with a powder stick u would be in with a good chance..ds
Chit you guys you won't get far in N.Z. if you are scared of swing bridges
Wait untill you are halfway over at night in a storm and your pack or rifle gets caught up in the bridge and ya can't go back or forward and ya mate's got to climb over the top of ya to unhook whatever is stuck,
{true story} at least they are better to cross than the the 3 wire crossings they replaced that is one wire rope to walk on and 2 wire ropes at shoulder hight to balance with, try that when you are carrying an animal out
Hey D.S you go up what watershed on the east coast, Rangitata ?
That is some awsome country and the bridge doesn't look bad!!! Thanks for the pics!!!
great pictures and information! I thought it was pretty stupid when i heard about the 'NZ DOC" Dropping carrots and 1040 (posion) out of choppers.
I am an American who recently lived in Thailand and still remail a member to the NZ deer stalkers assn. ! I've been lucky to have hunted NZ 3 times and still swear by my mates Davie Hughes (Swazi gear) his place is out of Levin NZ.
Well, time to get on the Damn jet here in JAPLAND. looking forward to getting stateside .
Hope to get on line soon
Well I hope the DOC gets their head out of their arse.
NZ is truely