Northern Colorado Dusky Grouse


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Apr 17, 2012
My girlfriend and I recently moved to Fort Collins, CO and are both excited for new the opportunities out here. This is our first weekend in Colorado that we both have the full weekend off, so we plan on getting some adventure in. I would like to get out and shoot (or try to shoot) some dusky grouse and she is more than willing to pack along with water and snacks. Not looking for someone to give me a honey-hole, just some general tips on where to find them this time of year and also try to stay out of the way of the elk hunters. I saw more duskies than I could count this year while archery elk hunting the So. San Juan Wilderness, but in the northern part of Colorado, I'm starting my research from scratch. Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Good luck to everyone, its a great time to be in the field!