NM Barbary Hunt

What a day, got dad on a group perty quick and he hit his ewe low so we had to track her for a bit found her bedded up under some brush. And he put another one in her. Then went looking for another sheep for my uncle had a hard time finding more sheep but finally found 3 young ewes bedded on a cliff edge. Asked him if he wanted one or if he wanted to keep looking. He said he'd give it a try at these so we snuck in to 285 and he sent one right thru the boiler room. Had his first ever barbary.
Went to drive up to load her up and all sudden losing air from a tire bout as fast as you can. Sent a rock thru it. Get the tire taken care of and my brother and I head up the hill towards where we knew a big ewe was bedded. Ran into some more sheep before we got to her and he couldn't keep his finger off the trigger and shot a medium sized ewe. VideoCapture_20240224-212025.jpgVideoCapture_20240224-212040.jpg20240224_135802.jpg

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