New to WY pronghorn

Due to reduction in tags and increase in hunters nobody here is gonna hand out information. You gotta do your own research. Fortunately Wyoming gives you most all info on their website. I just started trying to hunt Wyoming 3 years ago and still haven't drawn. Just building points and trying to draw in the random till I have enough points for a decent unit. Good luck!
Hey everyone, I just moved out west and am looking into wyoming antelope as my first western hunt. I have 0 preference points and was wondering if anyone could point me into the right direction as to a unit to apply for. I know that if I were to draw, it would be a tough unit, but I am prepared to walk miles on foot. The goal would be to draw a buck tag anywhere. Any pointers? Thx!
Put in for about 3 years in any decent unit with a large amount of public land hoping for a random tag. Buy your preference points after the draw, when you have around 3 points check back.
Sorry everyone isn't being cooperative, I actually have a guide for first time WY hunters with a lot of unit info. Here you go.
Dang you np….seriously though waaaaay too much info can be found on YT the OP is looking for. Heck plenty of info on HT just go back and search about three to Four years back. There you go…the above mentioned and the WY regs will tell you everything you need to know,

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