new rifle suggestions


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Mar 29, 2019
You have a sweet rifle there in the savage. The .300 WSM recoil isn't too bad in the T3. That would be my limit in a light rifle. I am pushing hot loads @ 3200 fps with the .270 win about as much as a .270 WSM. I took it to the range day before to sight in the Nikon black x 1000. I have a new rest that doesn't pick up recoil. I got spanked a couple of times. That black x walked right out to 500 yards. The tracking was great. I made a good choice with that scope. I burned all the ammo that I brought. I just didn't want to stop. Cabelas has the black x on sale for $400 normally goes for 600 which is what I paid. I am not recoil shy but I don't like to be hammered. Try shooting an M14 on full auto. It will literally knock your teeth out. No recoil pad on a battle rifle. I used to shoot geese all day long with a benelli SBE but now choose grouse with the Fausti.
Thanks you I think so too. I actually was at Cabela's a few days ago and even though they didn't have my gun model on their website, they had a .338 Lapua and a regular .300 WM and I got to hold it and shoulder it. Even though it says it's 8.4 lbs those rifles didn't feel too heavy not near what I was expecting. I read on a different thread that some people were putting on a 1" Limbsaver or Pachmeyer recoil pad and that helped so they didn't have to ruin the sleek looks with a muzzle brake.
I am glad that the scope that you settled on worked out perfectly.


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Jun 8, 2019
New Mexico
I noticed on the new Tikka T3x they are putting on custom recoil pads as well as different grips to fit the individual. The accu-fit stock shows the trend toward having the stock fit the individual shooter. I think we will see the other big gun makers follow suit. The precision shooting community has brought to light some very good things to improve hunting rifles like tactical style riflescopes, perfectly fitting stocks, and flat shooting ammo that won't break your shoulder. I am old school and have only hunted with standard camel hair or duplex reticles. I never thought I would be hunting with an MOA reticle but wow do I like it!