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new method.....


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Dec 30, 2000
got this from saeed's board.....i thought it was funny....
Glenn R
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posted 07-21-2002 20:56
Tried the Barretts 82A1 in west Texas a couple of weeks ago. Standing in the back of a pickup truck with the bi-pod resting on the top of the cab and my bother driving. Spotted the jacks and when they stopped running, shot them using spotter tracer rounds. There was a laser effect as the bullets started to trace, then the explosion as the spotter cap went off when it hit the j rabbit. One flew up 20 feet and came down with no head or feet. Most were completely gutted, one with the heart still beating but outside the body. There were not many that suffered from a prolong death, it was immediate and dramatic. The shots between 20 ft and 75 yds
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I have lots of video tape of me and some friends shooting P-dogs... Just need to pull them out..

One of the tapes we have a video camera over the hole looking into it. we set up about 200 yards away and waited for the little bugger to pop out.... seems one of the neighbors decided to pay this guy a visit and we have 2 shots 2 dogs about 5 feet away from the lens.....