New coyote chaser ,Soon, maybe


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Sep 6, 2014

Can you say Airboat !!!
This is my new airboat, Whatcha think ?
All I need is a few more parts, and it will be sea worthy RIGHT ?
I checked the compression "0" on all 4 cylinders. What?
Plan "B"
I adjusted the Lifters and bam I had compression.
125 on #1 119 on #2 120 on #3 and 129 on #4.
It's a 1971 bug motor I'm thinking that will work for now.
I'm go to go with a catamaran style hull around 14' long aluminum.


On that same subject Anyone up on there VW ID and knowledge?
The # on the generator post Identifies it as a 1971 1600 cc 60 hp. motor. BUT for a carburetor I need to know if it is single or double port? I can see it is a one barrel and Single carb. Then there is some kind of thing like 3e or something What's that?
Need a little help here guys I want to get a carb, coil, Distributor cap points plug wires and starter on order and see if thing will spring to life...






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Nov 26, 2015
Great engines and easy to work on. I had a '58 Bug with the old style cloth sun roof. With snow tires on the back end it would go about anywhere. Pulled the back seat and had a hand held 12volt light that would clip to the battery terminals, open the top, sit on the back of the drivers seat and call at night. Good teenage fun back in the '60's and sure killed a lot of coyotes and bobcats in the San Diego back country.


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Feb 18, 2013
seeley lake montana
that is a dual port engine. they on the ports for the intake on the head not the # of barrels in the carb
you can also go to dual carb set up that engine to get a little bit more hp out of it
while you have on the bench it would be a good idea to retorq the heads.
not to uncommon to see the nuts on the heads a bit loose from where they should be

most ppl do not know this but vw was the very first mass produced car sold in the usa that came stock with electronic fuel injection . it was the 1968 vw type 3 fastback . at the time it was the top of the line car they had in there line up. not much to by todays standards
hell i think a yugo had more standard features then the type 3