New BF Good rich KO3

The KO2s are a good compromise between on road and off but they are not the best in snow or mud. Sounds like the KO3s may be better.
The Cooper Rugged Treks they came out with in 2022 have been the best all purpose AT tire I ever used... and I have tried a good number of AT tires.
They look cool, but there are also so many good options out there nowadays. Falken Wildpeak, Toyo ATIII, Cooper Discoverer, etc. I'm using the Toyo ATIII right now and really like them. Not the best at any one thing, but quite good for everything and I deal with pretty much everything fairly regularly.
I don't understand at all the KO following. In fact any of the BFG following at all. there are equally as good if not better tires on the market for less money. The BFG AT is junk worthless off road. The KOs are supposed to be a mud tire but they don't perform any better in mud than then some All terrains. The COOPER SST PRO seems to be significantly better performing than the KOs... Mastercraft MT, and more...
I thought the Ko2's were horrible on ice. Had them on a 1/2 ton truck, they were ok in deep snow and wore very good. Had over 50,000 miles on them when I traded trucks