Mystery Ranch Beartooth 80 - Coyote

The Angelo Kid

New member
Apr 7, 2020
Sorry if this is a duplicate. My first time posting and I don't think I originally got this listed in the for sale forum.

Selling a Mystery Ranch Beartooth 80 in coyote. Bag was purchased new a few months ago and is still brand new with tags. It has never left my bedroom. Bag is size medium which is for a 15"-20" torso and 31"-36" waist. Only reason I'm getting rid of it is because I ended up with one in foliage as well. Great bag, especially for those who value organization and want to be able to go out for a week but still be able to compress it down for short trips. Feel free to hit my up with any questions or other photo requests.

I am new to HuntTalk after finding Fresh Tracks on Amazon Prime but have been on Rokslide for a few months and bought and sold a few things over there if you want to look me up.

Price is $410 TYD CONUS or send me an offer. PayPal F&F or add 3% for Goods & Services.