MT/ID Sheep Experiment Station


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Dec 10, 2010
Bozeman, MT
A while back a few groups sued the ARS Sheep Experiment Station which is located in the Centennial Mountains on the Idaho/Montana border. The was to stop grazing until the ARS completed an environmental review. They won the lawsuit and now Draft Environmental Impact Statement is available for review. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see the documentation posted on 3-18-2016.

The grazing of the domestic sheep prohibits the area from being a possible bighorn sheep location. The U.S. Secretary of Ag suggested closing down. It is an anachronism and loses money. Any fiscally conservative person should want this gone.

Page 30 of the DEIS smoked out an interesting fact: the area is closed to the public except two outfitters have exclusive hunting access. That is wrong, this area needs to be opened to the public.

Go here and tell the FS to open it up for hunting and preferably just shut the whole thing down.

Please feel to add more information if you know it.