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Moose hunters needed!

Casey Richardson

New member
Mar 18, 2002
Missoula, Mt/Wollaston Lake Saskatchewan
I have had a couple moose hunters cancel at the last minute. As many of you know at this time you can NOT bring back any hooved animal meat so these fellas have cancelled. Here's your chance to get a moose hunt for a price cheaper than most deer or black bear hunts. The hunt would be mid September to late September, 7 days long with food included. Great fishing also and if you choose to buy a bear tag you have a chance at taking a bear also. $2850 plus I have already paid the $411 for the moose tag. You can check out pics of last years moose on my web page. We run 60% on our moose hunts. We hunt the river, calling and fishing ealry in the morn and late in the afternoon/evening. There is some hiking and of course the better shape you are in the longer you can go. Happy hunting, Casey