Moose! How close is too close?


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Nov 20, 2020
Hunting Alberta moose next week with my bow. Never hunted moose before and was wondering how close is to close with a bow?

I have the option to do either cow or bull.

Honestly, I’m slightly concerned over 30-40 yards is too close? Not sure if a cow would be any less dangerous at that distance…

My buddy with have his bow too, but because it’s Alberta, no side arms for backup. This is a DYI hunt where I’m able to hunt both elk and moose.
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I never hunted moose but on last yrs Colorado elk hunt had a bull at 12 feet was wishing I had a tag for sure
I have called bulls in for fun to 20 yards. Once they get that close I usually quit calling but I wouldn’t worry about it too much
overthinking it. No problem getting into comfortable bow range and making a shot. Tney run away not at you. While they can stomp you, they usually do not.