Montana, here we come!


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May 2, 2004
Seville, Florida
We are heading to Montana early Tuesday morning for a guided elk hunt between Livingston and Yellowstone. I've been on three unguided hunts in the last five years in the Big Belts. We got several mulies and a raghorn on those trips. Maybe I can gain some knowledge from these guys for future hunts.
It's a 2500 mile trip so we won't get there until Thursday evening at the earliest. That will give us three days to acclimate ourselves to the altitude before our hunt starts on Monday, Nov. 1.From sea level in Florida to 8500 feet is a big change,even if you are in shape.
I've never spent a night in a tent in the mountains before, and last year in a cabin, it went to five below on us and never got above ten above the rest of the hunt. Hope it's not that extreme this year!!!
We also drove home about 400 miles in a snowstorm last year. Won't do that again! we'll fnd a motel and ride it out since we are retired and don't have to be back at a given time. This may be an experience for two old farts, I'm 69, he's 62. He has never hunted in the mountains before either.
Our hunts over on the sixth so we ought to be back four or five days after that. I'll let you know how it went if I survive. :D
leftylock, good luck to you and your buddy on yout hunt here in Montana. Hope you have a good time.
Right now the weather is pretty mild for here but that can change in 5 minutes you know. So be prepared for the worst.