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May 26, 2004
Northeast Texas
This year I was thinking about tring a mineral site on my deer lease but not sure how to go about it I have heard you put it on the ground ,but then I have read that you shpould put it into a trough so it can have some sort of cover over it too,so any help out there?
When I was a kid back in 19XX....we would dig a three foot square hole in the ground about 3 feet deep, set a 3/4 inch pipe in the center just below grade, dump in 50-60 lbs of rock salt and fill the dirt back in and slop it to drain into the pipe. Rain water runs in, desolves salt and it perks to the top. Deer will really tear up the ground to get to it. Site becomes a gethering spot for herds.
Don't know that it is legal, but it works.
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We normally will bury several salt blocks on the property that we hunt and have had some mild success with them. This past year we tried a new product and I was AMAZED by the activity. Its called Buck Grub...it comes in a 25lb bag. We could not keep enough on hand to keep the deer satisfied. We could never get a clear answer from anyone if the product as far as baiting is concerned, was legal to use so we stopped putting it down a month before the season started.
we dumped 2 fifty pound bags of trace mineral in the middle of a clover field in kentucky two years ago and we are thinking about stocking it with fish this year!............unbelievable!
exactly where are u in NE texas......im working around texarkanna actually New Boston....but live and hunt close to Jefferson Tx....
First off....a little trivia

Deer antlers are made up roughly of 75% protein, nealry 25% is calcium and phosphorus and the balance is trace minerals......salt is needed for the bodily converion of these minerals.

Now keeping that in mind, that my area is full of Alfalfa and beans i figured protein was covered.....this year I made up my own blend and put it out in several locations..and it is absolutely getting tore up...

I mixed a 50lb bag of trace mineral (which is 95 percent salt), and a 50lb bag of dicalcium phosphate............pouring them back in forth between 5-gallon pails until i figured they were properly blended

I dug roughly a 2'x2' wide x 1'deep (4 cubic feet) hole and dumped my mix and in blended it with the dirt, so it is as natural to the deer as possible.................

I've got my first batch of cam pics from over the first mineral sight........I'll have to get them scanned for you.....
Kraven,.....why would you want to use epsom salt?

Buying a bag of salt is about as cheap as buying a bag of dirt.....

Deer get they're salt. My experience is that one can only hope for moderate success in most areas where salt and minerals are naturally abundant in much of the south's deer habitat.......at least in the areas I have hunted.
Actually several studies show that a vast majority of locations further than 50-75 miles from any coast are salt difficient..........so salt supplementation can only benifit those that may need it........and they do only use as much as they need.
I have heard that if you were to take a tote sack and put the salt into it and hang up in a tree and let the rain soak the bag and the salt water will drip onto the ground making a mineral site for you have never tried this so do not know how well it works.
Give the epsom salt a try, you have nothing to lose.I have used talble salt, rock salt, salt for water conditioners, new and used.
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