Mathews MQ1/ What was he Thinking?


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Dec 11, 2000
When Steve comes out of the dog house he will have a brand new Bow for sale.
He went and bought a new Mathews MQ1 at the 3-D shoot this week-end ,he already has one :rolleyes: I know I know you cant have to many Bow's,Gun's,hunting stuff,BUT this one has to go .
I thought I would put it up here first ,to see if anyone might be interested.
Not sure what the price will be right now but IT WILL BE CHEAPER THEN AT THE STORE!!!OR I will be buying a bigger DOG HOUSE for Steve and his MATHEWS!!!!Both of them. LOL

It was a good shoot this week-end,but the hardest one by far that I have been to.
I got skunked BIG TIME,Steve got a second & third,Sidney got a third & First.
Kindra --got a third,shooting a brand new bow (she switched to a left hand Mathews)She just picked up the bow friday night,didnt get to shoot on sat.,got up early sunday sighted in then hit the shoot and took a third.
Deb, your gonna kick my butt for this sayin this but, two identical bows isnt such a bad thing!!! especially where you guys hunt! mine went through hell last year and i spent about two hours one night tearing my bow apart and using Oscars trailer hitch for an anvil to straighten my severly bent sight bracket ,altough i fixed it , i was thinking then that a back-up might have been nice! cause im not always gonna have the resouces that i had available to me that night!:D

O.K. now before Steve sells it is there anything that youve been wanting?????? im thinking now would be a good time!:D Oh and about that bigger Dog house just think more room for more stuff!!!!! :D:D:D
Yeah DKO, he told me all about needing two bows.
Really he bought this one because it was such a good price,and he was thinking of selling both of them and getting a different Mathews.
Then once he though about it ,he really like the MQ1,it shoots great so now he decided to sell one of them plus has a rifle to sell.
He is in the mood to sell them Im sure not going to stand in his way

:D :D Not me ,I would never tell him he cant sell stuff LOL
We both do this every once in a while,get a wild hair ,buy stuff,re-sell it to try something new.
I dont remember how many ATVs we have bought & sold only to go out and get the same one again.
Same thing with guns,he sold and bought back the same rifle twice LOL then ended up giving it to our daughter-in-law.
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