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Nov 28, 2001

By -- Diane M. Tipton, FWP Information Officer

Montana's Fish, Wildlife & Parks wardens have an insider's view of hunting season. Their advice is based on firsthand experience with thousands of hunters, and they have collected some great hunting stories, too.

Among the luckiest hunters ever seen by an FWP warden is Lee Anderson's account of the hunter in the North Fork of the Flathead, in northwestern Montana. This hunter defied the odds by coming across an elk while driving down the main North Fork Road.

"The North Fork is not exactly teaming with wildlife, but elk and deer can be harvested from time to time," Anderson said. "The country is steep and thick with brush, so if you do get an animal it is no easy feat to get it into the truck and to the freezer."

Anderson said a large 6-point bull elk ran across the road and into one of the few semi-open flat spots in the area. The hunter got out of the vehicle, ran a short distance up the hillside and shot. While dressing the elk, a power company employee drove down the road in his service truck. He fired up the boom and loaded the bull elk whole into the back of the hunter's truck. The hunter drove two miles to the North Fork check station to check his elk.

"Anyone from this area knows it is almost impossible to get a legal shot at an elk next to the road. But to have a boom truck come along and load it whole, two miles from the check station, is never going to happen again," Anderson said.
I had some of that luck last year, killed a bull about 150 yds from camp. Had it hung up by 7:45 am opening day. Tell ya what though, it kinda took the fun out of it.
Now that is just way to easy, It's not so bad I would guess that the congrats start early while the rest have to work their butts off..LOL.. :D
In 2000 I had hunted hard about 17 days, many many miles from my truck most the time. Saw some bulls, but never got any shots. About mid Nov I loaded my 17 month old daughter and the dogs up to go for a little ride up the hill behind the house. Well, I had the dogs "roading" in front of the truck when I looked up the hill and saw him.

I stopped, calmly slid the seat forward, calmly grabbed my rifle, looked up, he's still standing there. The dogs are running around on the road, Claire is babbling about something in her car seat. I calmly slide a round into the chamber, turn around and hit him PERFECT. Took out his spine on the exit because of a steep uphill angle. He hits the ground then starts tumbling my way. Slides to a stop 10 yards above my truck.

The bank was actually so steep I was scared to try and slide him in, didn't want him to destroy the truck, so I slid him to the road (only after I took my girl up there and got pics with her and the bull) gutted him, then two trucks came around the corner. Two guys helped me load him whole!

Anyhow, this morning I got a late start, went up the same road and there were two guys loading a 5 point whitetail in the truck about 400 yards from where I got my bull!

PS..In Big Buck Magazine a while back a guy killed a big bull near an active logging show and the loggers drove the log loader down to it and loaded it whole for the guy too!
Some guys have all the luck
I hear that..My luck consists at the best, some one comming around the corner after the beast is in the truck..LOL... :D :D :D
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