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Looking for a gun safe


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Jul 7, 2001
Looking for some help folks. I need to get a good safe one of these days, so I have started looking. Can anyone recommend a good brand? I am looking for one that will hold around 16 guns plus ammo and other hunting goods that I would like to lock up. Thanks for the help guys (or gals).

I took a pic of my safe!!




The safe goes for like $800 and in manufactured here in Idaho!! I can get further info on it for ya if 'n you're interested!!!!

There are different options for the Inside. My option I had Shelves in it only allowing 18 guns in. If my collection grows, I can take out the shelves and have room for 30 I think.
Hey mtmiller I just have a HOMAK safe nothin fancy like Moosies but can hold up to 24 rifles/shotguns plus storage for shells and etc.Its a nice safe for not too much $$$.
One thing to consider is the fire rating. A typical house fire will reach like over 1600 degrees. The one I got is by Fort Knox and you design them yourself and can add different fgeatures if you want. I was lucky enough to get mine at cost and when it was built they delivered it to my house and placed it inside for me. Granted it did cost me to have it delivered but it was well worth it to me. Empty it weighs 975 pounds. It has a fire rating on it for 1450 degrees for 50 min and can hold up to 20 longguns. Another thing to consider is give yourself extra room for growth. The numbers they tell you it will hold are true, somewhat, as they do not always reflect the scopes on a rifle, so make sure you get it for more than what you already have. Just do not rush into one.

Here are some pictures of mine.
Thanks alot guys. The Heritage is the only one I have seen in person and it looked pretty good to me. The only problem was the store is planning on discontinueing them because they have made a deal with another distributor.

The Fort Knox looks good. I requested a catalog and if the prices are not exorborant I may go that direction.

I haven't looked at the HOMAK, but will do a search now. Hopefully I can quit hiding stuff in closets, under beds and behind furniture. :eek:

I was hoping to buy a beretta o/u this spring, but I guess I should invest in a quality safe first. thanks...

BTW Moosie, I recently accepted a new job in Havre, MT, so you will be 90 miles closer to a duck/swan hunt. Only downside is I don't know much about the hunting around there at this time. I start 7/1, so I will have a couple of months to scout things out.
Either I'll be 91 mile closer.... Or you will :D :D I got some goose land now too, And it's scouted !!! We'll defineately kee in touch :cool:

MAybe you'll need to come over to shot some ducks/geese and pick up a safe /!/!? ;)
The only thing I can add,is that you wont be sorry for spending the money on a safe.
Like Elkhunter said look at the fire rating and get it a little bigger then you think you need.
Having the extra shelves would be great.
I know Steve would like to get a bigger one,and he has said the same thing Elkhunter said ,keep in mind the size of the rifle with scope ,etc.
Mine was tax deductable 'cause i keep some business files in it. I think if you have a tax deductable safe deposit box at a bank you can do the same thing with your gun safe. You just need a reason to call it a tax deduction. Somebody told me just storing a few old income tax returns would qualify. Anybody know for sure?
Thanks for the heads up Ithaca. I am going to look into that as a deduction.

mtmiller, it is an expense that you will not regret. If someone broke into my home and stole a rifle or handgun, I could replace it. If they used it in a crime to kill someone, I could not replace that life and even though it would not have been me behind the gun, i would feel somewhat responsible knowing that I could have prevented it. Another reason for getting one is insurance. It is very hard and expensive to get on guns and some will not even cover them. I know I fell much better knowing that my guns are safe from fire and theft. It is also a great place to put LB's jewelery when she is not wearing it.