Leaving for NM tonight

Erik in AK

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Mar 28, 2002
not killing a ram
I'm on the 12:50 redeye from Fairbanks to El paso via Phoenix. My bison hunt(over in the Alaska section) was a bust but I'm going back so it ain't over yet. Seems I have to travel to kill anything anymore.

Going to deer camp with my father-in-law and most of my wife's uncles and cousins. I went last year (for the first time in 7 years) and had a grand time. This family's deer camp is more about getting together but some deer will end up on the pole. There'll be lots of food and beer, guitars and bad singing, horses, poker, all kinds a lyin' goin' on and no women. If things go like last year, I will kill the biggest buck and win the pool. The area they hunt gets a lot of pressure and the bucks don't typically get much past three years old but like most popular places the brushy draws and side canyons just beyond easy reach of the roads hold deer. The season starts on friday so I'll have a few days to visit and help load up--Last year "deer" camp looked like a gypsy camp. What with the campers, motorhomes and horse trailers. One of my f-i-l's friends owns a refrigeration business and he's bringing a portable walk-in cooler and generator on a flatbed. It'll be a production to say the least, especially for a three day season.

So, I probably won't have pics of a Greenie caliber deer to post, but I will(should) have something besides scenery to photograph. Maybe a spindly 4 point.

No matter...I'll have a good time whether I notch my tag or not.

Be back Wednsday the 19th

See ya!