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LAst day of duck hunting....


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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
OK... It's been a week now, BUT last week really got me hooked on Duck hunting....

We started off the morning meeting at Chevron on the Freeway, Elkturd and LArry pulled up just as I was Finishing my Morning PUSHUPS :D.... HAHA

Anyways, I followed them out to the hunting spot and we unloaded. the wind was blowing in a different direction so we set up in a different place.... AS the sun came up we were wondering if we were supposed to have on Sunscreen and Shorts.. the sky was Clear... It wasn't but an hour or so till the clouds rolled in and the Snow started....

We didn't get much shooting in all morning... and NO ducks hit the ground.. Around 12 or shortly after the boys were ready to pack it up and go watch some football... I'll tell ya what, I'd rather be wet and cold and Sitting over water with a shotgun then watching football ANY DAY !!!!

Well I told them NO way and that I'd be fine... I could Wade across the river and get back to the trucks with the 2 bags of decoys that I had all by my lonesome.

THEY LEft but Elkturd let me borrow his GUN. It was a 3 1/2" instead of the 2 3/4" I was shooting.... Wasn't but an Hour after they left I pulled the trigger for the First time.. I had a TEAL (I think it was that or a humming bird) and I shot at it.. IT dove after me shooting at it 2 times just behind the Island I was at. I ran after it Thinking it was hit.. WELL it jumped up and Flew to the Front of the island with the Decoys again.. (Had the guys stayed.. well.. ;))I ran back up there and shot at it again.. It went to the BAck of the Island Again .... WELL..... I laoded back up and Ran to the BACK again.. It was right at my feet Flying and I shot 3 times... DANg bird flew to the Middle of the river to another Island.. I could have throwed that GUN in the Water

Shortly later 3 duck came in and I unloaded... OHH yah.. MISSING 3 times Again... Finally Some more came in and the First Greenhead was down.. I did what I set out to do.. GOT me a DUCK for the day

WELL..... I got another after a bit and THEN saw a group of Ducks coming in... LOW and Behold they were GEESE !!! not ducks...

I decided to Stay hunkered down wait for them to land..Practice 100% pacients, or NOTHING !!! I would Raise up NOT blowing anything ... I waited paciently and they were coming in.. I switched to T shot and seen that I only had about 10 shots left with me... I had some 3" back at the truck but it was a Ways to get back.. AND I wanted to Stay.... ANYWAYS, THEY were coming in and finally Busted OUT... I watched them fly..... CUSSING that I didn't jump up and Blast at them..WHY ? WHY ? WHY ? I was so HAPPY and Excited and MAD.. WELL.... MOST know the Feeling...I was just happy that I actually got 8 geese comitted to come it!! I unloaded the T shot and WAS watching them as They banked and CAME back... CRAP !!! I hurridly loaded the T shot's again and hunkered down.. the wind was blowing hard so they took forever... I finally was like a jack in the box and I sprung up...OOPS !! I realised I sprang up WAY too soon standing there like a DORK.... I wondered if I should GET back down or just what to do... I then PULLED the Trigger... HAHA.... I shot 3 times at them as they left HONKING and LAughing I'm sure.... HAD I waited.. well... Goes ta show ya right ?!?!

ANYWAYS.. Ducks were coming in Left and right.. I held out till later and the REAL REAL close ducks due to the Lack of ammo I had... I got 2 more ducks.....

Night was Settling in and I didn't have a watch.... FUNNY that a guy can be picking up Decoys and Seeing Ducks drop Left and Right of him....NOt knowing when Legal shooting time ends....(in IDAHO there is a SET time) Next time I'll be better prepared and have more shells and a watch

ALL in all, my season was GOOD.... I went out 4 times..... and Scored every time... I am sure next year I will be a Duck hunting MAchine.... HAHA But I have to wait sooooo Sooooooo LONG !!!! :(


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Jul 7, 2001
Gotta love that duck hunting. I just started three years ago and love to get out at every opportunity. It sounds like you have some good spots and minimal pressure. Most of the areas I hunt are pretty good and not many other hunters. I have to shudder when I hear about other areas where hunters have to draw for hunting spots and may have other hunters within a couple hundred yards sky busting everything that comes near.

My calling sucks, so I am glad I don't have much for competition. If I did, I don't think waterfowling would be as fun as it is for me.

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