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Lacy Act?

Redbeard-When game is taken illegally with or without an outfitter, and taken over a state line, that is basicly a Lacy Act violation. If the outfitter was not a legal outfitter, the lion or whatever was taken against the law, then if it is transported over any state line it qualifies for this Lacey Act. There is more to it than that but I know most states in the west honor the Lacy Act in game violations. I hope my limitied knowledge of this helps ya a little bit. Maybe somebody else knows more about it, and could explain further. bcat

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bcat & tobey are correct...This is covered in the U. S. Code, Title 16 - Conservation, Chapter 53 - Control of illrgally taken fish or wildlife. This encompasses any game or plant captured, killed or collected in violation of any United States law, Indian Tribal Law, State, or foreign law....As you can see it is all encompassing and quite hard to wiggle out of the penalties described if you are prosecuted and found guilty.....Not used as much as it needs to be.
Like you guys have said.It is a federal law that prohibits the interstate transportation of ilegally taken wildlife otr fish.I personally know of someone who was convicted of violating the Lacey act for game taken from tribal lands out west into Maine.It is an extremely tough law when enforced.I believe he paid about a 10,000 fine along with loss of license and other penalties.
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