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Knife a coyote



I got a story for some of ya.The guy in this story is here for a few weeks from porto rico, and we where and are still laughlin about it.

I love to hunt coyotes, and talking about it all the time happened to coax a friend of mine into trying it. As we were driving to ashfork I was telling him that i could get them so close he could get one with a knife.
we'll that did we had to stop at a little mini mart to buy a cheap rambo knife. now back on the road we are laughlin so hard that its hard to drive. We finally get to a stand.
I bury the guy and take one of my daughters stuffed animals and put it on his chest. Now mind you he is looking straight up and the only thing I see is a knife and part of a hand. I called in one right away but didnt get close enough so I continue to call.
Here comes one running like a bat out of hell stops at steves feet and looks around. then grabs the stuffed animal off of steve's chest. Steve saw it and grabbed the coyote by the tail as steve was trying to stab it the coyote turned around and tried to bite him.
the coyote got away and we laughed , and are still laughling about it.

Now this happened so fast I mean within a split second that righting about it does no justice, Just seeing the look on that coyotes face when that hand grabbed his tail was something, but seeing steves face after it was all was worth a million bucks

just thought I would share it with ya.



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Dec 19, 2000
Sulphur,IN U.S.A.
Are you being serious?Or is this a joke?Cause if your serious I might try it too!Just as soon as I find somebody who will let me bury them and put a stuffed animal on their chest.Now where did I put Jason Lees phone number.

Hunt hard and prosper.


Sorry for the late reply
Pc on the fritz
yes I am serious, and I'm very serious. If you have the balls go for it, I'll call them in but wont be the guy with the knife