Joe Nava passed away


Well-known member
Jan 20, 2017
interior Alaska
Joe Nava passed away Saturday in Fairbanks.
Joe was one of Alaska's most well-known firearms trainers and host of "Shooter's Corner", a weekly radio show in Fairbanks.

Joe shot on the University of Alaska rifle team from 1962-65 and was captain of the rifle team his final year.
He finished second in the National Championships and was first team NRA All-American.
He lived on NRA lane in Fairbanks and served on the NRA board of directors.

One of Joe's many passions was firearm safety which he taught for over 50 years.
He also taught an excellent bear safety class in Fairbanks, a concealed carry course, as well as many other firearms-related courses.

Joe recently published his autobiography "Not Your Average Joe : A Selected Autobiography And Joe's Wisdom On Shooting"
"Born during the Great Depression and not expected to live at birth, Joseph A. Nava is homeless at age fifteen, loses his chance at a college football scholarship after breaking his leg, and then struggles to support his growing family. Joe finds opportunity in the challenges he faces by moving his family from Massachusetts to Alaska, with no job offer, only hope. In Alaska Joe completes his education, works at the jobs he dreamed of, and with his intense love of hunting and competitive shooting, serves not only his community but nationally on the National Rifle Association board of directors. As a wildlife biologist, hunter, executive officer of the Institute of Arctic Biology, NRA All-American shooter, licensed assistant big game guide, pilot and community volunteer, Joe shares humorous and inspiring stories. Ever the teacher, Joe provides lessons on firearms safety, hunting, competitive shooting and from his sought-after bear safety classes, how to stay safe in bear country. Through Joe's example, we learn that with hard work we can be anything we want to be."

He will be missed.