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George P

New member
Jan 11, 2001
rochester N.H. usa
When you are cleaning a bear skull for a customer does the price depend on the size of the skull. My friends and i have no experience with this and have just gotten one back,we havent picked it up yet. I was told it was size sensitive to the cost and wondered if that is the norm. I have no idea what it will score yet but am anxious to see.Thanks.
The cost is species related not size related in my business. All black bears are the same cost. I have cleaned two black bears over 23" now and the owners will not list them in B&C either one would be the new number one Black bear in the book, both came from the same island in Alaska, I know one of the guys. I bet there are more 23's out there that we don't know about too!jj
One fellow thinks the organization is awful in that is ranks a fair chase stalk on a bear in the same catagory as shooting one from a tree while surrounded by dogs.

The other guy has a small moral issue which he does not want to have to argue about with the B&C judges. Nothing big just a stupid little thing that he does not care to deal with. Besides which lots of folks have record book animals and don't list them. I have a handful myself and have never listed a single one. jj