January Navajo Nation any elk hunt


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Dec 13, 2020
I was lucky enough to draw out a Navajo Nation any elk tag for January, in years past I've drawn the cow hunts on the rez, which have been really good. Well my hunt was a big success I was able to put down my very first bull elk. My tag was for any elk and I kept telling my Brother in law, who was with me, I was going to shoot the first elk I see. I wouldn't I have guessed that I would see a big bull first, God gave me a chance and I took full advantage of it. Not only did I kill a beautiful elk, he died 15 yards away from a wood hauling road. My brother and I muscled him in the back of my truck and took him back home whole. I am blessed and so happy that I got to experience my first bull, and got a lot of meat from out of it. The fun part was driving home 3 hrs with that big rack in my rear view mirror. Well thanks for reading and I wish you all luck in the big game draws coming up.

Also there is a NM Bull Zia hat in one of my pictures. The brand is "Game ON" a local graphics designer from Farmington,NM. I love their shirts and hats.
Man that is an outstanding bull elk! A big congrats to you on your success. There’s nothing like the feeling of being successful on a hunt and making memories to last a lifetime.
Oct 20, 2016
Is there some place to get information for this draw? My good friend is a tribal member, would like to hunt, but never has. I don't think he knows about this draw.
The information is on the Navajo Nation fish and wildlife website. I do believe the proclamation posts around mid April and the deadline is the end of May. But last year the proclamation didn't post till June and the deadline was the beginning of July. Mainly because of covid-19 cases on the rez, I don't know what they are going to do this year with cases still coming in.