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in need of help in WA


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Apr 10, 2002
Monroe WA
i have been hunting[archery] elk on the east side of the cascades this year i would like to move to the west to see about a 3pt or better but aint hunted there for 5 years and my spot has gone to the campers can anyone help with some helpful starting points on the west side of the moutains in washington
Archer if I was to hunt Elk archery in this state I would head towards the Olympic Penninsula in the Forks area man.I have never hunted this side of the state for Elk so I cant really help you much there.You may try and see if Raybow is around he may be able to steer you in the right direction.
It's been a long time Luke, but down in the Packwood area has a lot of elk, I am not sure what it looks like down there now, because it has been since '79' since I hunted the area, very brushy, but a lot of elk in there then...
The Packwood area is a difficult hunt as the elk population is down. The Native Indians and the locals have taken sooo many bulls that the bull to cow ratio is about 6 to 100. I have talked to the Biologist for this district and he is amazed of the situation.
One other item; about 4 years ago the Native American Indians wanted more elk and they shot two or three bulls in a farmers field. The farmer took an offense to this and called the game and fish and nothing was done. The locals who live up there told the indians they would be shot if they are found up there. A few weeks later three American Indians were shot at with a high power rifle. The FBI came involved and the crap really hit the fan. The locals said we will kill all the bulls so there is no interest to the indians to hunt there. The locals killed every bull that came into the fields for about 6 months. At that point the bull to cow ratio was about 3 to 100. The indians were pissed and they were afraid to come up there. Them crazy white people who really do not care if they kill us or the bulls and they will all keep it quite so no one will be the wiser.

archer, If I were to hunt the west side it would be in the Mt Adams area, alot of nice elk in that area. My second area would be down around the Raymond area south. There are some good bow areas there. The Packwood area has been hard hit by the locals,Indians and poachers. Some very good areas to the south of Packwood in the goat rocks up toward snow grass flats, but it is a rough area in there and at times lots of snow.
Thanks for the info guy's...And let me be the first to welcome you both aboard, I sure hope you guy's stay on the board and post more...
Sure don't sound like a good situation over there in Wa.

Welcome to Hunt Talk guys and I also hope you stay and continue to post.
Archer,, I've been thinking about this for some time and can only come up with 4 places to hunt elk with a bow in Washington.

Here they are in no real order as to the best place..

1) Montana




When this state has a success rate on elk at around 7% State wide for all hunting groups, thats why I listed other states as places to go...I haven't hunted elk here for about 12 years now..


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Hey Luke, maybe you should come over to the Wy predation hunt with us this year, you are more likely to get one there than in Wa...And it really doesn't cost that much!!!
thanx for the info guys and elkchser i am triing to buy property in wyoming so i am going over that away soon but till then i want to fingd a nice bull before i leave WA
Your choices are great and I agree because that will leave more elk for me and Kirki1. Alot of the so called elk hunters over here do their hunting in "Romero" boots from the front seat of their 350 crew cab!!!
Alot of the so called elk hunters over here do their hunting in "Romero" boots from the front seat of their 350 crew cab!!!

You are right on target. I have been on over 20 elk kills in washington, either caller or shooter. The number of people who get out farther then 1.5 miles from their parked f350 are about 10% of the elk hunting population. People traveling farther then that are really low. Then there are some crazy fools who will go any location that has holds elk. I hunt elk in washington and then put in to hunt in other states. I hunt out of state every year for the last 5 years. It is a little expensive but I have found ways to really cut cost..


I'm no bow guy, but the Quinault river drainage a pretty darn good place to hunt. The tough part is that it is you have to
have passed the advanced hunter ed program to hunt the area. It borders the Olympic Park
and holds alot of BIG bulls for the taking.
archer, I hunt by myself in southwest wa. This will only be my third year bow hunting, but I do have a good idea where the elk are. If you want to go along with me I can show you around, and maybe you could give me some pointers on how to get close enough for a shot. I don't go strictly for bulls though. I like to hunt units that are open for either sex. So if we get into lots of cows, you might have to help me pack out meat
hey washington hunter thanx that would be cool i have family in centrailia and hunted down that way many years back rifle but have not been back in 5 or more years it is good down there but never went to scout it i would love to get together for elk e mail me [email protected]
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