I'm really starting to enjoy this antelope hunting!

Southern Elk

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Nov 3, 2015
As some of you know, I've been lucky enough to kill two antelope since moving to Montana. I took one with a rifle last fall and one with a bow this year.

I just got home from a Wyoming hunt with two of my good friends from down south. This was their first antelope hunt. We applied for what we thought was a slam dunk unit for our points, but ended up drawing our second choice, while saving our points for the future. This unit was a little tough when it came to access and is not known for trophy animals. We agreed to each take the first opportunity that we were given.

We filled all 3 buck tags. I was lucky enough to get mine on the second day about a mile from the road. We had spotted them earlier and crested a hill to find this buck and his does at about 200 yards. The other guys can chime in with their stories and post up pictures of their own.

And of course we celebrated at Dairy Queen like any self respecting members of Hunt Talk would do.