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Sep 29, 2022
Found a mint condition 04 KDX 220 that was an old timers garage queen. Couldn’t resist buying it. Excited to explore some areas this fall and get it out this summer for some pleasure rides.



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I’m jealous! I’ve never ridden a kdx but always wanted to try one out
Yeah, I've heard good things about the KDX's. They're easy to find parts and work on. I rode a beta xtrainer 300 last year and really enjoyed it. I was borrowing it from a friend and have been looking for one for a while now but nothing came up in the condition/price I was looking for so opted to pull the trigger on the KDX.

I'll add some skid plates, maybe a FMF spark arrestor and a few little odds and ends to get it where I need it. I may even pull the plastics and put a cheap set of throwaways on it to keep the oem ones in mint condition. I've only taken it on pavement so far as the trails are a bit muddy, it's going to be a hard pill to swallow the first time I lay it down. I'm sure a few dings in i'll get over it.
Drooling over here. IIRC, the KDX 220 was built to improve on the achilles heel of its awesome older bro, the KDX 200. To wit, the 220 was bored, ported and piped to make more torque on the low end, improving its enduro/woods rideability compared to the more rev-happy 200. Less shifty, more smiley. The 220 retained the 200's very light/strong construction, good factory suspension (easily upgradeable), comfortable ergonomics, legendary durability and high fun factor. You scored!
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