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Jan 12, 2001
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Good story, So do you have the pic's to show ?


This is just a quick recap of my last sheep hunt.
We headed down to the moose pass area for a week long hunt, naturally we (3 of us) were pretty pumped about the hunt.
My buddies wife dropped us off at the trail head, we threw on our packs and started up the mtn.
We knew it wouldnt be easy but we didnt expect the first 1 1/2 miles almost straight up. about 3/4 of the way we were ready to ditch the non-essential gear in the bushes and pick it up on the way out. I had the lightest pack at 72lbs. then a guy on a 4 wheeler passed us, we wanted to either pay him to haul our gear or mug him for it..lol.
Anyway we ended up in a high valley and the hike went alot easier and rather enjoyable.
We made camp and started glassing. About an hour before dark we seen a full curl, that really got us excited, but because of the daylight left and terrain we didnt go after it.
Little did we know we would spend the next 3 days in the tent because of a storm with high winds blew in.
The storm subsided and we went up the mtn. Now I'm deathly afraid of heights and I was doing pretty good until I was on about a 3" ledge and I looked down and I froze. Thank goodness my buddy came after me and talked me off it (very embarressing). we seen some nice rams but the biggest was about 3/4 curl (legal is a full curl). we followed the ridge to get in posistion to get a look at another ram and by buddy started pointing below him. He was pointing at probably the biggest billy goat I had ever seen.
My friend wanted a pic of him so he tried to get closer and he spooked the goat and it started down hill. My buddy followed and was gone for about 6 hours. I was really starting to get worried and then he came back to us all out of breath. He followed the goat all the way down the mtn (about 5000ft) took some pics and came back up. I laughed so hard I almost rolled down the side.
The next day we checked the sights on our rifles. the other friends rifle was off so he fired about 3 shots and what did we see in the valley where we were shooting ...6 goats just standing there looking at us. Now goat season didnt start until the following week and all we could do was watch them walk by.
The last couple of days went by about the same. nothing legal but we had some fun shooting marmots (we all had trapping licenses)on the hike out. my longest shot was only 156yrds shooting a 30-06 with 220gr factory. its a little big for a marmot but it killed them pretty good. Pretty boring hunt but there were some good memories. Someday I'm gonna go up and get my ram, just not this year.