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Idaho here I come!!!


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Mar 26, 2002
Ok, Moosie has chastised me for not poking my head in here enough. So I feel like I gotta start contributing here again so when he buys me dinner when I come up I wont feel so bad. I am going to be coming into the Boise airport at 9:40 pm on October 3, which is a thursday night before the rifle deer opener. My brother that lives in Seattle is picking me up and we will probably go somewhere to unwind for a little.
Moosie has already told me he would buy me some grub, and Ill buy him at least a pitcher in return, so who knows, it could all be on Mr. Moneybags if you play your cards right...So anyway, who's up for a little pre-hunt get together/ chow-athon. We're going on a little 8 day backpack hunt with a base camp about 4-5 miles in, so I will probably want to pack on some last minute grease calories before heading out to the great beyond on Friday.

Anway, for any of you guys that doubt that this Missourian doesent know his big mule deer, check out this 160+ deer I got on my only other self guided muley hunt in Nebraska a few years back...

Isnt that how you score them, by weight??? :rolleyes: :D
HHEHEE.. LOL , Welcome backbro ;) Is that picture big enuff ?!?!? HOLY CHIT !!!! MAybe you should resize it

YAH, DINNERS on me. About Mr Money bags I'm not sure...
But A dinner I can aford !!!!

ANYONE in the area and looknig for a free dinner at 10 PM Oct 3rd. GIVE me a shout
Nice picture ridgetop.
Good luck on your hunt.
Free Food ? Did I hear FREE FOOD
:eek: :eek:
Better be carefull putting that out,I have seen moosies and his friend's eat, someone better have alot of money. :D
DEB... If you can stay up that late, YOU and Steve aught to come out and PLAY
Or we could jsut crash your house with a late night PIZZA !!!!!

GATO, COME ON OUT MAN !!!! We're having ONe hellova Shin-DIG !!!!

ANY ONE ELSE ?!?!?!?
i cant make it out there....but you could buy my dinner here( credit card over the phone)......and dont forget the tip....would need to make resevations in advance...hell with it, just post your credit card number and ill take care of the details.
696969696 Exp. 8/02

OHHh crap, MY credit card Expired last month J.B.
MAYBE when I get a new one ;)

Should we organize something or WHAT ?!?!?!!?
Yeah, guys. Wheres the party gonna be... :confused: Is there gonna be a self imposed curfew, or are we just gonna stay up all night, so we dont have to bother with having to wake up the next morning from way too little sleep... :eek: There's gonna be plenty of time to sleep after a long day in the hills and darkness setting in earlier, right... :D :D :D Either way, Im going to look into getting some eyelid props, and a case of No-Doze to keep my eyes open on the way out to the campsite...
I'm going to be a PUSS and not paint the town....

A dinner and a beer is Enough
I have a hard time sleeping anyways this time of year. So I'll stick with a self imposed curfew :(

Inf. I need to get a good days work in on Thursday too....
Thats sounds cool. Im thinking its gonna be a long day for me as it is, but we will take you up on dinner and a brew, and would like to swing by yours and Canoes places to hang out a little and see your mounts, if we could get it wrapped up before too incredibly late (I'm thinking midnight-1 am at the very latest...) It sucks to get old and think that thats late, but thats how it goes, huh?
Hey ridgetop, maybe this will work...
We can go to dinner somewhere near Oscars pad. Then we can go look at his mounts and tuck him in bed. Then we can go over to my place and have a few more beers. That way you will be closer to Meridian when it is time to head to whereever it is that you are crashing out. I gotta warn you tho, my mounts will be pretty lame compared to Moosie's collection.
CANOE.... OK CHTHEAD, I was giving your PANSEY ASS a way out..

I think I can hang on the beer drinking
MAYBE we can HAVE a poker night too ?!?!?!

HUMmmmm I wouldn't mind making some extra $$ since I'm taking OCT and NOV off for hunting :D :D HAHA
Ok Oscar, now you went and done it. You hurt my feelings.

OK, I'm over it. Poker did you say poker? Now we're talking!!

Really, I will do whatever you fellers decide.

Ridgetop, I never did hear what your plans are for hunting while you are here. Are you guys going with a guide or what? Where are you going and for how long?
My brother and I tried for and didnt draw unit 41 controlled hunt tags (big suprise...), so we are going on a backpack hunt in unit 36b for 8 days, which was our plan "A" all along. No guides, no horses, just hiking in and hunting out of a 2 man tent several miles into the backcountry. I cant wait to get out there and see what that area is really like. I have this one spot picked out even further out from any roads that I wouldnt ever expect to see another hunter in. It looks very hard to get into, no trails in or out of, has springs in it, and very steep all around. It looks awesome on paper. I might have to stay in there a couple of days in a cold camp there if the weather cooperates. There just has to be a big old buck or two in there... Ive done just about all the research I can, but nothing can replace time spent in the field. I'm chompin' at the bit like nobodys business...

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HEY RIDGETOP, I resized and Resaved your picture.. THE size was killing my machine :D NOW I can read the posts too ;)

HAving BBQ with Canoe on Thursday night. We'll make the arangements !!!!!
Thanks for the pic resizing Moosie, I'll know better next time. I just thought by making it that big, that does ear spread would look bigger, and everyone would think I was a really cool trophy hunter ...:rolleyes:

The barbecue idea sounds awesome. It will be interesting to see how an Idahonian does barbecue. Being from the K.C. area I have had some of the best in the country, and like nothing better. If you want I'll bring the possum. I hear its much better fresh, so I will try to live trap one and take it in my dogs pet carrier to the airport, and see if they will let me take it as a carry on. Naturally, when I get there, I will need to make sure my rifle is still sighted in, so....:D

Ive got a great recipie that involves a beer, hot sauce and spice marinade that if cooked right, makes it taste just like snake...mmm mmmmm I can smell it now. :eek:
You're jealous??? Try living in the Midwest, and loving being in the mountains, when the closest ones are 500 miles away...:mad: then we'll talk about jealous.

So what kind of a plan do you have going for your hunts this fall?
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