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I drew a NM 16A Elk Tag


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Aug 29, 2001
New Mexico
After not drawing an Elk tag for nine years in my favorite elk unit (16A), I finally got smart and applied for a bow tag. I got it for the first bull hunt. I'm just a little fired up to say the least!
Gilamonster.... Get practiced up, GOOD luck to ya, And can't wait forthe stories that will follow !!! KUDOS BRO !!!!!!!
Just got back from four days of scouting for Elk. Actually Tom cam up from San Antonio and we were hunting for bears, but it rained all night and most of the day every day. Bear sign was impossible to find, but it was in my Elk area. We spotted quite a number of herds of elk, but no big bulls for three days. Only an occasional spike or rag horn. On the last afternoon, we finally found the big boys. I just hope they stay in that general location until Sept. 1, when my hunt starts. I hope to post some pictures after the hunt..if luck's on my side! lol
The most impressive things we found to me, besides the numbers of elk that we saw, were the 12 elk wallow areas in a row, with the dew claw elk tracks nearby. The wallow looking things were a couple of hundred yards from one to the next and there were 12 in a row. John knew of a New Mexico state record elk scoring 438 that was taken near a canyon there, at least they wrote that in some article a while back. We'll see if sees and/or gets the Gilamonster from this Gilamonster area on his bowhunt.
Hey, it'll be a great hunt even if I don't get one of those monsters. Oh yea, some good deer sign in that area, and the early bow deer season will be open at the same time. Maybe I can get really lucky...maybe not..but it could happen! :D
Even if I don't get anything but sore feet, it will sure as hell be better than work!
Hi, I drew for that tag last year. Its been a bit overhunted the last few years, the population is down but there is still some big boys out there. I messed up on a good one, a mystery shot that haunts me daily still. I never saw my arrow path so i dont know if it was a hit or not. I looked for the arrow, bull and blood for a couple hours but never found any. The arrow may have missed and buried into the thick pine needles. What area are you heading into? I was up high, started at rainy mesa and it was over crowded so headed for the mountains.
Never found any good wallows that werent already taken but did do a lot of stalking and water hunting. saw maybe 6 popers and 2 booners for sure. the last 2 days i got on a 400 7x but the cows were blowing my cover. Then the towl-heads pulled thier crap and i had to cut my hunt short because i flew out and rented a truck. needed to go back to town and find out if i was going to fly or drive home. Do you find your elk there in the hills or mountains? just wondering