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Jul 10, 2001
Northern Colorado
How far do you drive to hunt varmints? Do you stay overnight when you find a good area? Most of my varmint hunting is done right here within 10 miles of my house. However, since finding out how target rich Arizona is, I might have to make it a yearly event to drive out and hunt a few weeks to get my coyote fix ;).
Cant wait for you to show up doug..... I will have more time this year....

I used to be able to go 10 mins form the house.. Now thanks to the people from CA moving to AZ those spots take 1 hour.... the lake is 30 mins away and you used to be able to hunt there .. but then again thanks to people that moved here from Ca you cant...
I tend to drive a long way. There's some varminting to be had within an hour of home, but not a lot of GOOD varmint hunting that close. Day trips often go over 400 miles (total), and 500 isn't that unusual. Overnight trips are usually over 500 and can sometimes go a lot over 500 miles. The longest trips, both day trips and longer, are usually going after predators. Usually hunt varmints in at least 4 states each year - it was 5 states last year and 7 states in 2000.

I get around

DAA do you ever get to AZ to hunt?...
the northrim of the canyon has some excelletn varmit hunting for bobcat fox lion and coyotes .. coyotes you can get 3-10 a morning easy....


"not yet" :D.

Planning a week of coyote calling in Arizona this winter though. Probably in January. Can't wait!

Delw, I will do that. Going to end up in southern AZ before the trip is through (couple guys I know from the 'net down there that I'd like to meet), but we'll spend a day or two prowling the res and north rim country on the way down. Too much to take in all in one trip, really. I'd love to spend a week just stumbling around out on the Kaibab/AZ strip, seeing what I can see. Just my nature, always have to see what's over the next ridge!

Are you coming down during the same time frame doug is?

One great spot for coyotes is just south of ashfork off I-40... another one is unit nine south of the rim....

It's no wonder you western fellas kill so many coyotes. I never realized that ya's covered so many miles to hunt critters.

If you're going down to Mcneal there's a few things to keep in mind......take your own food with you and never drink anything that Mike Harter has brought along. There's also a certain someone down there who frowns on shooting coyotes with the bigbores :D. I went last year and had a blast hunting with those fellas.
Doug, I'm not sure if they are having a gathering this year or not. If they do, I'll try and arrange my trip to include getting over there to meet that bunch. But we are trying to get a trip down there this winter either way. Got to see for myself if all these stories about coyotes behind every cactus are true!


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