How big is this one?

I guess I dont remember how to post, whats the protocol, isn't it like
or something like that?
Yep, That looks like a big bear! Do you have an open season on bears this time of year in MT? If not, shoot now and ask questions later.
Thanks NE, how did ya do it so I know?

Wiley, that bear is in an area that closes the 15th of May, like most areas in MT. There are others open till Monday, and yet others open till June 15th.

I just walked in the door from a combo ID/MT hunt. Saw deer and elk, but no bruins. The ID side I am hunting is open till June 30, so I think I'm going to run a bait up next week and hang a stand or two!

Yep, he's big!
WOW! That is a hell of a bear :eek: I'd love to send a round his way during the season :D Looks like he has been eating well.........poultry? ;)
That looks to be one fat bear, he must have been eating very good since coming out of their holes just didn't happen that long ago, thanks for the pic...

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