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Holiday weekend plans

On Friday, LB & I are taking a fishing trip on the South Fork of the Snake. That will be an all day event. On Saturday, while she goes to the yard sales, I will pick up the horse and head up to where we will be camping with some friends and set up. I will get out on the horse a few times and enjoy the mountains and enjoy the time away from work with some friends. We will come home Monday afternoon sometime.
I'm hoping to go down to Hillbillyville to pick blackberries and maybe ( :rolleyes: ) start some clearing work for The Big Project.
More likely, though, I will have to do honey-dos all weekend, just like every other weekend.
Work, work, work. Someone has to keep America moving while the rest of you slackers go party up. Its a heavy responsibility but I am up to the task.
Saturday, go out to Apple Valley and either go shooting out in the desert or at the Victor Valley Sportsman's range. Sunday, go to the Compton Hunting and Fishing Club's festivities for the 4th - picnic, barbecue, beer and lots of fireworks. ;) :D :D

Monday - relax and recover.
Seeing as how everyone will be going to the high country to beat the heat, I think I'll just stay in town and get some peace and quiet, drink some beer and take the kids to see some fireworks.
I'll be flying up to Spokane on Friday and spend the 4th with my wifes family in Potlatch. We'll do a little Elk Scouting while I'm up there. I can't wait!
Is it the 4th already? Where the heck is the summer going? No plans yet. Mostly cause it just plain snuck up on me.

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