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Hey Moosie, Post some PICTURES OF THE BEAR!

Amen Brother.. I should.. I set bait out Thursday at one location.. Sat I was out setting up 2 more stands.. I checked the SITE "A" Sat eve. too. It had already been hit. Elk Turd thinks thats the place but I want to check the others first. Tomorrow I hit Stand "B" and "C". I'm bringing the Picture Cam with me. If either one of those have Action I'm leaving it there. If not, Thursday we go to spot "A" and I will leave it... BUT. I think Tomorrow Evening will be the place I leave it....

So to make a long story short.. I haven't put it in the Hills yet
, And, I won't be back up to the hills till Wed of next week, Got too many things going on. HAD a quick question on the CAM.. Can I call ya tomotrrow ? I will anyways

Looking foward to some pictures !!! Hopefully I can get a pic of the Bear I shoot.. Also Working on A camcorder in another tree setup too... BUT that will jsut run while I'm hunting.... We'll see how that goes

If all goes well, Will have pics a week from Thursday !!
JB, AWSOME MAN !!!! I got the Camera out last night.. Had 2 cubs and MOMA come in.. I was video taping them and the Camera went off 2 times before we kicked them out.. I'll be up Sat even. to get the Roll of film.. Hopefulyl I set it up right and the pics come out.. Hopefuly more bears came in after teat too.. Hopefully not them dang crows
Sunday I'll have pictures !!!!! (Fingers crossed)
I checked out the other pics......

I always have to get the 1 hour developed because it causes too much anxiety to wait a couple of days......tell the clerk at the one hour you have a bucnh of these cameras and you will be back often with film.
They probably have a discount for such things. Also, tell them its OK to make copies for will be a hero!
ONE HOUR ?!?! HELL I can't wait that long

I'll post results when We get back Sat night around 11PM !!!

Im jealous!
We are well into Summer and working WAY TOO MUCH RIGHT NOW!
Hunt a for me dude, I'm up to my ears in vacationers. And condo buyers

Maybe somebody will buy something expensive and allow me and my bride to return to africa
PLEASE wacka bear and show me!
Well... thats the goal. If nothing else, I'll get some pictures

Good luck on the Selling of condos !!! Roumor has it stocks are on the Rebound.. People will be feeling rich again, And that leads to spending.... they spend on you.. you spend to go to Afica !!

Gonig up tomorrow again, We'll see how your camera did.. Fingers crossed !!!
So.. We got up to the Site tonight... Changed the Film and just got back and took a shower....Figure I'd update ya. I have the Roll of film in the Truck, Fingers crossed that

A)a 1 hour photo shot in open in the morning
B)we got more then just the ground

I looked at the lense on the camera and it was knocked down with dirt on the outside of the box, I cleaned it up and Re~set it back up, Hopefully the 2nd set will go through tonight !!! And hope that the first set all were a clean lense !!!

Will fill ya in if we got any good pics in the AM !!!!!
That dirt on the lens thing happens.
You lug that damn box WAY BACK and somthing like that gets forgotten

The good thing about that one is is trips pretty easy. So you get a roll of photos if they hang around a couple of days(nights)
OK... Here are the pics....

MAY 7th

6:45 >> we had the single cool looking bear come in. didn't stay long but got some vid.


9:17 >> momma and cubs came in, I got some vid of them and the Camera went off 3 times while we were there, We spooked them away and left and they were back within mins to eat some more.. they hung out till around 9:41

MOMMA to the right the 2 cubs to the left :


CUB standing on top of the barrel looking around !!

Whats that Behind me ?!?!


10:26 >> a single black bear came in

10:58 >> a single black bear with a white chest came in, this is probably the bigger of bears, don't know the Exact size yet, but will after I shoot it !! HEHE It doesn't look too big but it's standing on the Downhill sidebelow the barrel.


11:28-12:03 >>MOM and 2 cubs came back in for a 3rd time

Here is the Aggressive bigger cub, always coming in fast and strong !!


MAY 8th 12:17AM >>singlr brown bear color came in, End of roll of film


FILM reloaded and Will get more later !!!!
Good Pics Moosie,

Is it normal for several different bears to visit a bait?

And hey are those bears small or what.
I have never bear hunted, so put it in rug size for me....that cub on the barrel,
Is he mat sized or bigger?
The brown one and the one with a white spot look a lot bigger to me

I know, Whack one and measure it
Don't know HOW big or Small those bears are... I know the Cubs are a bit small. BUt hence the Deffinition of a CUB.. eh ?

The other ones are standing behind or infront of the barrel. I have a hard time judging a bear on the paw as it is when It's moving.. Let alone in a picture. BUt with the "EAR" rule, and LEG rule... none are Huge... that being said, doesn't mean some aren't shooters

I would estimate the MOM to be around 175# 200 MAX !!! and the cubs to be more like 60#'s ... I've never seen a 300# bear come out of Boise... Although Everone that has I run into in the Field se's 400# (PLUS) bears all the time.....

We figure there is around 10 bears on our site now.... Maybe 1 or 2 we'd shoot... But the other bears are working in, Still early in the game....

(EDIT) the cub is a bit bigger tehn a place mat.. but I guess not much bigger... say 2.5 feet(ISH) MOM will go a bit over 5' .. maybe 5 1/2.. HELL 6 feet if ya stretch her like the Guides do around here
OK Buddy,
JUST Hold-out for one a little bigger than a placemat

Can you shoot more than one?
You can tell I knoow ALOT about bearhunting

Do you like the camera?
Oh yeah, remember to wipe the outside lens off and the flash hole too! That tin foil keeps the flash from bleeding thru to the lens (on the inside of the cannister)
HEY JB... I think I need to get a few more of these !!!! got some other pics back.. will post later today, Even got a cool surprise
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