Yeti GOBOX Collection

HEY Conoe

Yea, I can almost taste it now! It will be the first decent meal I've had all week. Diets suck man!
HAHA ~!! I gave up diets for New years Resilution... NOtice I spelt your NAME wrong too ?!?!? HUMM GO figure ;)

Dinger (Elk Turd) had a hunkering for Cccchinese.... Says there is a Buffet around there of something .... HECK I'm game !!!

DELW, IF ya make it here for AZ in 2.5 hours.. LUnch is on me.. (NOT litterally ;)) HAha
Whatever flavor you guys like is fine with me, I'll eat just about anything!! We can't leave the office here without me showing you guys the hunting pictures in my cubicle, you can have a good laugh looking at my Bambis.
SHOULD I pull a few pics off my cubicle board too ?!?!? I was pulling them down to rearage the "WALL OF CRITTERS" that I have in my office anyways
..... I could have brought the scrap book(S).. BUT today We'll laugh at you... NEXT time at me :D :D

Oriental it is :D ... Dinger has a meeting till 15 till I think.. I'll post when I leave ;)
Sure, bring a few pics off of your wall of "fame", it will make my wall of "shame" a little funnier!

My hunting motto goes something like this... "My succeses have not been great, but in the condition that I operate, there mere avoidance of disaster is in itself a significant achievement!"

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Sorry couldnt get an airline ticket fast enough.. well I could of but the guards at the gate take 2-3 hours to do a body search....

Moosie, Elkturd,
Thanks again for lunch. I forgot to ask you guys if you play poker. A few of us here at ITD have a monthly poker meeting, and we are always looking for easy marks, uh, er, new players. It is dime nickle quarter action, so even if you have a loosing night, your not out too much!! Drinking beer isn't mandatory, but completely acceptable! Let me know if either of you are interested, the next game is at my house and should happen sometime in the next couple of weeks.

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WHAT... POKER... HUMMMM.. I've been known to loose a bit ?!?!? YOU guys play CALL-UM (Meaning each person calls their game as they get their turn..) or is it JUST same old reg poker each time ?!?!?

Either way I'd be in !!!!! Turds on a "Wife" budjet ;) so I'm not sure about him...

I'd offer up my place too in turn as long as their was no SMOKIN'..... BEER would be OK though

I would type more but I'm goin gto the BAthroom to PUKE !!!! MAN.. that all you can eat buffet should have had a limit... MY 2 top buttons are open and I had a hard time getting out the truck... I'm also getting sleepy.......



ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....... WHAT ?!?!? WHAT DEADLINE.... CHIT !!!!!

PS, NICE deer pics ya got on your wall !!!! I hope someday to Wack a deer or two like that !!!!!
We play call-um, you call the game when it is your turn to deal. We play alot of five card draw, seven card "no peak", screw your neighbor, that kind of stuff. They always have to remind me how to play some of them, but they are all pretty basic. Some of the guys smoke, but none of them allow smoking in their houses, so they just take smoke breaks outside. I will let you know when the next game is scheduled, they are usually on wednesday night. I'm just not exactly sure which wednesday. Does any particular wednesday work best for you?
HAHA !! I was at Friggin ITD meetingas all afternoon.. I put a note on your 'puter, BUT you must have cut out early.. "SLACKER" ;) Any ay that ends in a Y will work for me :D !!
Moosie, sorry I missed you. I wasn't here all day. Stateitis I think. Anyway, poker is scheduled for next Wednesday, Jan 23rd. Catch you later. Canoe
Fire me directions BRO !!!!! I'm there.. Sorry that I've been slacking ;) HAHA

Probably best ya E-mail it to me... Some yahoo here might crash our party if we just post directions and ALL
Moosie, I sent you a microstation file that contains a map to my house. Let me know if you have any problem figuring it out. See you there!
Bye the way, how many posts does it take to loose this "junior member" title? Just curious.