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George P

New member
Jan 11, 2001
rochester N.H. usa
Baiting has been slowwwwww here.Baits get hit 2 or 3 days straight then nothing for 3 or 4 days.?????Worst year i have seen.One of my 3 hunters got a nice one,215,Monday night.Weird story.Ground blind behind a stone wall.35yds to bait.Bait came walking up right beside stone wall.Guy pointed his Rem 30-06 auto and pulled the trigger.Nothing,tried again ,nothing.Looked and saw his bolt was open!!!!! Pushed it shut and it locked.bear ran off of course.30 seconds later,here he came again.Too close to aim so guy just pointed and shot.Hit him hard,at a measured distance of 8ft!!!! bear ran off and he hit him again.Bear dropped dead in his tracks with the death moan.8yds from his chair !!!!!
Why did he come right back?? Only thing I could guess.Might be a bigger bear on that bait.This one figured he had to get in and out quick? what do you guys think.
Great story!!!
8', should have been using a bow...That would even been more exciting!!!LOL.... :D :D :D
AWSOME.. ONLY once we've had a bear in that close.. OK, 2 times ;)

Neither time we got them..... SOMETHING about getting that close wakes a guy up though :eek: :eek: