Here is this weekends take!


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May 16, 2003
This first one was taken with the TAC 20 @about 175 yrds. It surely put it's lights out.

Here was the total take for the night. 1 With the Tac 20, one with a 17 hmr, and one with a 12 gauge and #4 bird shot.

The lisence plate is a joke, I do not offer guide services.
Good job,

I really, really need to come and see the "Rollin' Road Show" . You guys rock.

I see the twenty is doing nicely. I am still fine tuning just a little. I ordered some Berger's that should help my cause.

Awesome job, thanks again for sharing.

later pup
Danny, I always hunt with a partner. I hate hunting alone. Plus i find it hard to hold the light and shoot at the same time. Those are Kitfox not grey's. And yes , he lost his mind , along with his teeth, nose, toung ,jaws, and eyes!
Looks a bit like a swift fox to me...

"snicker snicker"

Nice going Devil Boy!!!!

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crappy.........Do you ever hit something where your supposed to? Every damn thing I see you post a pic of, is blown to rag dolls. Im thinking; you might make a small change to your nick, instead of crapshoot, maybe crappyshot would be more fitting
What would you be refering to BalaPlata. That fox was hit right where i was aiming. Right in the head. Thought it was a pretty darn good shot for almost 200 yrds at night on a target not much bigger than a jack rabbit. When you shoot small animals with a highly frangible bullet @ 4000 fps it tends to tear things up a bit. And sometimes at night all you get is a head shot. When your target is 2 small dime size reflectors, you aim for what you can see. Rabbit, I could care less if i blow them all to hell. As a matter of fact i take great pride in doing so. Some people even make and sell videos of just this thing. Guess there is always going to be atleast one person that doesn't like what they see or has to make fun of or put down others. I guess Thumper (from the movie Bambi) was right. " If you cant say something nice, Then shut yer pie hole."
Crapshoot, the second picture looked like it had a black strip down the middle of it's tail, but when I looked at the first pic again, I could see it didn't, OLD EYES lol.

I'm wondering how you hunt, do you make night stands from you're truck like we do? If so, what kind of lights do you use, just plane red, amber or white? Or do you have flipper lights, or?

My wife and I were in Ely and Pioche Monday and Thuesday. We may be going back real soon, I sure like that country. Good Hunting
Ely is a great area, but they dont allow night hunting up there. NDOW say's it's legal, but local law says no! I think it's because of all the deer,antelope and elk there. We use red lights, and make stands from the truck but thats where it gets tough. Cant shoot from the truck, or on the truck. cant shoot from a road, or across a road. This includes the dirt roads too. So call, spot, get out of the truck and off the road before you shoot.

When I first was introduced to the 17 Remington several years ago. We used it for a night hunting fox rifle. But we used 15-18 grain bullets.

Bala is a day hunter, they don't let us hunt in the dark here. But when night hunting, the only target you have is the eyeballs.

My partner used to amaze me, he'd shoot a fox, then turn and tell me which eye he'd shot. Most shots were 100-125 yards out and he rarely missed his call. It turned the skull into a beanbag, but the little bullets didn't exit. Neither of us for several years believed the 17 could ever kill a coyote, we wouldn't even head shoot them at night. If one came in, we'd either coax him into shotgun range, or let him pass.