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May 20, 2009
Three Forks, Mt
I am having fun playing with a new GPS and the OnXmap of Montana program.But clearly I would like to utilize a lay over of satellite imagery.Can anybody pass along info pertaining to the Birdseye program and its effectiveness.I am presuming this program can be integrated with the other.Is there any other option that doesn't involve springing more money.Jumping from BaseCamp to GoogleEarth is a little tedious.Mostly I want something for scouting on my PC and doesn't have to be on the GPS,since I typically use the GPS sparingly while in the field.Any input is appreciated before i likely drop more coin.
Birdseye is less than stellar from all I've read. One mouse click, going from GE to Basecamp is about the best you can do.
GE Pro is now free and with it you have the ability to add multiple data types that are not available to the std version. For scouting with sat imagery I would suggest GE Pro, add the ESRI topo server from ESRI, and the Surface MGMT server from the BLM Geocommunicator site. You then have the ability to add shape files for unit bndy as well as geo referenced FS visitor maps for an all in one scouting pkg. I have the ability to add virtually any imagery or map to my GPS and in the end, the map that I use is the onX map for the state I'm hunting. Topo's aren't as pretty but the onX has more roads and all the detail that I need. The sat imagery rarely was used when on the GPS. Pre hunt scouting or scouting at camp on the laptop was a different story.
On a different note, every area I have checked so far in GE Pro has had an imagery date of June 2014 and is as clear or clearer than Bing.
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