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got my puppy now need help


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May 10, 2001
this is my first hound dog . im looking for help is there any good books out there that will help me train my puppy. any and all information would be much appreciated. also in need to know where to order some scents from thanks all
First off RUTTIN, Welcome to the forum! I am sure you will find a world of knowledge from the members here.
Ranging from guides, international and local life long hunters.

First question is what breed and what do you want to hunt it on?

Regardless,I would suggest a few options.

1. Find someone with good broke hounds who would be willing to let you break your pup with them in exchange for helping them out with theirs! Make sure that their hounds do not have bad habits! This is the best way I know to start a hound and you can get it started enough to finish it yourself!

2. Find an older broke hound that someone wants to sell off or get rid of because its age! Some folks only like young fast track hounds and when a little age gets on them, some folks weed them out of their pack.Other folks want to get out of hound hunting due to work, marriage, age, health or other factors!
If you are buying, make sure you either try the broke hound first or have the option to return it if he can not do the trick! I have both sold or bought older hounds for training only! I have ran across some great deals as well as some that I would not waste ammo on! If you go this route, ask why they are getting rid of the dog!

You can even work the hound with a green hide, or sent drag. you can find them on many Hound Hunting sites! Full Cry, American cooner and a variety of other magizines are on the market that give great training advice for folks working one on one without other hounds.

The other most important advise I can give is stay , stay , stay and stay in the woods with it! It takes time and patience, but the more you put into time in the woods, the more pride you will have in training YOUR hound! I have trained hounds by just keeping them in the woods with me and eventually that instinct takes over.

My best(Black and tan coon hound) was started alone at 6 months! (Sorta):D
I took him everytime I would take a hike and one day he got where he would leave me when I went into the woods! One day I heard him start to trail! I was shocked, his instincts just took over and he was hunting!(Something)

I went to check what he was trailing and found it was a covey of quail :D
He would jump them and then trail them again!
He kept this up for a an hour or so!

I did not scold the pup for that, but started working him from that point with house cats and coon hides giving praise!

Then I started to look for hot coon tracks by the creek and let him work it out! At 8 months and many long days and nights, he treed his first coon alone! I sprayed the coon with enough bird shot to make him jump out and fight and that was the start. Something about a coon tearing into a hound that makes them hate or rather love them!
At 10 months he was hunting, trailing and treeing alone!
I worked him with a few other folks hounds and before he was a 14 months he was a fully broke coon hound!
hope this story and advise is helpful. I figure a few others will ad some very useful advise that i left out! However I do not want to try and write a book :D

Good luck and welocme to the forum!
Dont worry about buying a book Ruttin,just read the one Thumper wrote for you. ;) Seriously thought the books aint gonna tell you nothing you wont be able to learn off this forum.

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