GOT HIM! pics


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Jul 8, 2003
eagle lake ontario
got my bear last night. got to my stand around 3:30 pm. i built a permanent stand out of plywood. sunday evening i put te pail i was using to bring in the bait in my stand for a seat. when i arrived monday i found that the bear had actually climbed up my stand and had knocked the pail to the ground i could see his nail marks on the ladder and on the plywoo i sit on. anyway at 5:15 i heard a noice behind me and turned around to find the bear coming straight toward my stand and fast. couldn't get a bead on him right away because he filled my scope(had scope on 4 pwr because i planned on him coming down the regular trail they were using which is on the other side of the bait) finally he must have smelled me because he stopped right under my stand and looked right up at me. i was able to locate his eyes in the scope and well the rest is history. unfortuately he turned out to be smaller than i thought dressed out at 150lbs. i'm having trouble uploading pics to host site but hope to get them there soon so i can post them. my buddy who was hunting another bait a couple o miles away shot a nice one around 300 lbs. i'm not done yet though going after mr. big this weekend.

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Congrats on your bear!

Given that this bear likes to climb into your stand, I'd say you darn near had to shoot'em, no matter what the size.
hey thanks everyone!
went back to my bait tonight(gave it a rest tuesday night) was absolutely demolishished. one huge mother of a track where i pour my grease.
can't wait for the weekend