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Got a bear sunday (pic)


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Dec 17, 2000
Selah, Washington
Shot about a 140 pounder. We went 3 for 4. My cousin got about a 130 pounder. My cousin shot his bear first thing in the morning so we packed him back to the truck which was on top of the mountain then headed down the moutain which is about a 4 hour hike just glassing clear cuts all the way down so we get about 1/2 mile from the truck parked on the bottom (the are is gated off with roads in it)and I look up and theres my bear eating black berries on the side of the road so I off hand the shot and spine him with my 270 and then give him a kill shot. It was a good day, 3 bears out of 4 people. Hopefully have pics up tomorrow.

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Kirk congrats on the Bear man,were you guys hunting the area where the Turkeys were at or did ya go somewhere else.I am thinking somewhere else since the Blackeberries were mentioned.
Tell the rest congrats man.
Great lookin bear man.
Nice bear kirkl. 3 for 4, you guys must know what you are doing. Job well done.
Thanks all,
Kraven, we were up out of Sedro Wooley.
Moosie, only shot him a couple times in the leg, i was trying to just wound him so I could wrastle with him then decided not to. :D
Mtmiller, I wouldnt say im an expert but my cousin has it down pretty damn good. I follow him around, hes got some good spots with lots of bears.
WTG!!! I just got my permit this afternoon, so you've helped get the blood going. Thanks!!
Got'em on a SUNDAY??? :eek: :eek: What I wouldn't give.....

I grew up in Snohimish Everret area you guys have a lot of bear over there , congrats and are you going for your second one soon ?
Hey Idaho Smiley where bouts in Snohomish man that is where I grew up.Been in this area my whole life and my folks aswell.Glad you joined up with ol Moosies forum.Theres a few bear in this area you could say.
My sister lives right in Snohomish , I used to spend a lot of time with my cousins that lived out on the OK Mill road . Hutchisons ,Ernie and Mike and Josh . My brother went to snohomish also Eric Raber my mom and dad still live in Everett and My brother-in-laws name is Micheal Goodwin .
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