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Good Morning White Raven

Crow Woman

New member
Jun 9, 2003
Covington, PA

Good morning baby
Morning Mom, Chip off the ole block here.... HEHEHEHE Well I stayed up all night working. I made some nice hairclips, earrings, and I started working on a Mandella. I tihnk I'll finish that when I wake up though. I just wanted to stop by here before I ran to the store ans went to bed. I'm really excited and nervous about this weekend.
I guess it's really happening!
Love, Me
Well, I am going to say morning to the two of you and White Raven, I am still in the market for some sneeker shoes, but will have to wait till I can get out on a fire or two before I can get things rolling. Unless you want to trade some stuff that I find in the hills out here...Things that are kinda hard to find in your neck of the woods..Just let me know if your interested...
You gotta a deal! Give me a shoe size. I'll see what I can do. Don't forget you're gonna be my guinea pig, so feel free to tell me is something isn't quite right. Write me an email and give me your snail mail addy, ok?

Love, Raven
What would you like for trade, I have some things, but can come up with others as hunting season progresses and I am in the hills for extended weeks at a time again....
It would probably be better that I send you an actual foot print done in some sort of medium so that I can get it fairly tight so that it doesn't fall off my feet when I walk up or down hills, there are a few of those out here....LOL!!!

So e-mail me your snail mail and I will figure some thing out to make a foot impression of, probably be a piece of cut out paper or some thing...
I was thinking when out on the last fire, that I can make bone needles out of some of the big game that I harvest, I have made a few for my wife and I think they look pretty good!
I'll bet some game calls can be made out of the bones as well.I used to make turkey calls out of the wingbones of the turkeys I killed and the ones we ate at Thanksgiving.