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Dec 21, 2018
Convince your partner or partners to go on an over the counter hunt where the goal is to get "AN" animal. All involved share the cost including the cost of the over the counter tag (draw straws for who's name the tag and shooter will go under).

I have done this with friends and man have we had some great out of state (fairly cheap $$$) hunts. The idea is to get out on a hunt with friends, have partners to haul meat, help in the hunt, spot, call and just enjoy the time in a different state or area. All share in the price and although there can only be one shooter, all share the meat and experience. 😀

Believe it or not my wife came up with this concept years ago when my partner and I started hunting out of state and spending a fair amount of money to do so. Most often we would purchase two tags, hunt "together" regardless and typically only come home with one animal. Primarily Elk hunts for bulls. We found ourselves always hunting together and when an animal went down it was "Always" a team effort. SO.....WHY SPEND THE MONEY ON TWO TAGS??? Alternate shooters every year with a partner or if different partners draw straws as to who's name the tag goes under and go hunt.......

Even today (both retired) my partner and I hunt spring bear together, scout together, hunt early season archery mule deer and Elk in our home state (Washington) on our own individual tags then extend our season with a single over the counter late season rifle hunt out of state (Idaho) for bull Elk. It's a great way to extend our season for the price of a single tag and a great way to make the most out of our fixed incomes.
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