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For the Mad Men of December


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Oct 6, 2002
North Carolina
I recently saw a magazine article with that title and found it fitting. With the primary rut come and gone in most places (except the deep south), gun season come and gone in many places, temperatures reaching the lowest of the season, why would anyone hunt this time of year??
Because some of us know that the bucks are still there, hungrier than ever and there are still a few hot does out there too. And at this time it is never more true that
"A hunter will do anything for a buck"
I tagged some of my best bucks in December while hunting over food, they are still there, just be careful grabbing their antlers late in the season (they might come off)
For the mad men (and women) of December, please submit your late season experiences on my sighting survey ( )
Maybe together we can come up with some good information on the least understood month of the year.

Did any of you mad men go out this weekend??
If so, please take a minute to fill out the form linked to in the top post,