F150 longevity


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Sep 25, 2015
MT —> AZ
Why’d you decide to go with another Ford?
Were you able to lean on them over the engine issues?
I have had multiple brand-new Chevy 1500 company vehicles and always just hated them.
I’ve never really liked the ram 1500s that much either. If I was getting a heavy duty truck, I would look pretty hard at Ram though.

I just like F150s.

I wouldn’t mind trying the powerboost hybrid but there’s very few on lots so they’re too much money.
And the leadtime on orders right now was very long. They have stopped taking 2022 orders and will not start taking 2023 orders for another week or two, for a December delivery. I didn’t really want to wait that long.

Figured I’d give the ecoboost a try.


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Oct 4, 2017
My experience with F-150s has been similar. You have definitely sparked a match in some dry grass with this post. I'm in early and along for the ride.

My experience with F-150s has been so bad that I personally will never own another one. I realize it's roulette, but Ford lost me with knowing of certain problems (such as timing chain stretch on the early Ecoboosts) and doing nothing about it. For example, somewhere around 25% of the all the first gen 3.5 Ecoboosts experience severe timing chain stretch within their first 100,000 miles. You mean to tell me that a 25% failure rate of an engine doesn't justify a recall???

Also, I'm predicting a "buy a Tundra" post within the first 10 replies.
Had to do the timing chain on a 2018 with 80k miles. FORD should be paying for that. After another 7k$ in fixes I sold it and bought a tundra with twice the miles. I owned it a less than 2 years. Never again.


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Dec 27, 2008
My F150 was a 2001 with the 4.6, bought at 32k, sold around 200k. The most costly repair by far was a clutch for $1,000 at around 100k. It did have its share of little issues. It got regular oil changes and not much else. Very different equipment from most of the discussion. For perspective vs current pricing, I bought it two years old with the 32k on it for $13,500.

I had a 2012 Tundra with a 4.6 following that. The general quality was a clear improvement (it was a higher trim level) but I did have an issue with the air pump system that wouldn't have been cheap to bring back to original equipment. 60k to 108k

Most recent truck is a 2017 F250 with the 6.2, it's been good but both noisy and thirsty. Bought at 92k. General quality seems noticeably below the Tundra (lower trim level again for the Ford), but it's a tool for me moreso than the 1/2 tons were and has been making/saving me $$$.

Hope everyone's truck's treat them as well as mine have treated me.


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Oct 20, 2004
Bend, Orygun
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Feb 14, 2017
I changed oil every 3k until I hit 15,000, now I change every 5. 42,000 in less than two years, the last 6K driven like a Vegas cabby. Late 2020+ don't have the cam phaser issues, 2018 models sucked.

Get one of these to fit your engine, makes oil changes a breeze.

What's the point of that drain adapter? Looks like the perfect solution to a non-existing problem. Never struggled with a drain plug.


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Jan 31, 2011
1996 F150> sold to friend when it had about 235,000 miles. Great truck. He drove it for a few years and sold it to another friend and it was on the road until 2016.
Replaced the 96 with a 2003 F150> It sits behind my shed with 265,000 miles and its a winter/hunting in deep snow driver.
Replaced the 2003 F150 with a 2010 F150> she suffered a blown motor coming home on a trip from Cape cod when we got water in the gas due to severe flooding while we where on vacation I added dry gas and she she sputtered all week and on the way home then blew up. Truck had 225,000 miles.
Replaced the 2010 F150 with a 2018 F150 3.5 ecoboost has 117,000 miles on it and it has had the start up rattle the last 50,000 miles. Runs like a rocket ship with 34in 10ply BFG Pulled a 7500 lb trailer to Wyoming like it wasn't even there.
I have had nothing to complain about so far but the start up rattle has been a concern and on my mind don't know why I should switch. Pulled lots of trailers with these trucks across the country a few times > Loads of fertilizer and lime around home and even 4 wheelers in the bed across the country many times. No major break down bills.

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