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Extreme Elk Tatics


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Dec 19, 2003
St. Ignatius,MT
I saw this on another board and found it to be very interesting. There is alot of tatics that can be used but what is really interesting is the extreme tatics people use.I dont have many but heres a few I learned while hunting in AZ.....In AZ on a dry year Elk really go to water, mostly cattle tanks. The problem is you dont know if they are always going to hit your tank. The best way I have found to solve this problem is you should put detergent in all the tanks in the area. This really forces the elk to go to your water. One problem with that is , it can be pretty obvious to other hunters or even worse a game warden. So in cases where I want to be extreme but dont want to get caught, I like to buy about 100 air fresheners. You just find the really stinky ones, like cinnamon or roses and hang them all over the trees around the tanks. Be sure they are hanging around the height of an elk and remember make sure they arent in plain sight. If you have competition from other hunters in the area, like they beat you to your tank, I like to send them a message that you are a serious competitor. If they are using a ground blind that they spent hours building, I really anjoy torching it. This really pisses people off and tends to keep the elk away from the tank. The elk smell the smoke and whammow they are at your honey hole. If you are in a dry area this could easily backfire because you could burn the whole forest down. So make sure you take the neccessary precautions. If you cant burn them out, then I like to send them a message by taking a nice big dump in the blind. If your lucky they will get in there before light, and surprise their whole morning is ruined!....These are just a few EXTREME TATICS I've learned along the way, if you have any questions or would like to discuss some of your own, please feel free to post. I'm glad I got to share and remember Its not hunttin if your not cheatin!
I must admit, I have been known to use a lot of skunk cover scent to keep people from entering certain trails, but I have not gone to that extreme. I have heard of people getting shot for less.
Heh!!Heh!!......I'm just joking
I just saw the term EXTREME ELK TATICS and thought it was funny. I mean what acctually qualifies as an extreme tatic? But everything I put down I have acctually herd of people doing!
The taking a dump thing happened to me on a hunt a couple years ago! I think it was a freind of mine though because he kept insisting I go sit this blind. Imagine my surprise when I got in there!
I like to think I hunt extreme to a point, but have to admit that I have never thought up any of these...Thanks..

!!!BUZZ!!! You writing this down buddy!!!
A very good way of keeping animals out of a neighboring water hole is to take a shit right at the water hole, making sure to leave a bunch of the toilet paper lying around. , or piss into the water hole. They don't like that very well either. Crapping in someones blind is also a very good "tactic". If you saw the movie "doc hollywood" you have another tactic to use.
Elkchasr.....Buzz needs to write none of this down on your acount......he would hunt circles around you anyday......FACT.
DS, Good to see ya

I have always thought of Hiking over the Next ridge when I run into hunters...I never thought about staying next to the Road and Chitting in Water holes... BUt hey, Hiking is probably not Extreme to some
yeah....extreme to some folks is rolling out of the seat of the truck and leaving the twinkies on the dashboard.....crossing that ditchbank for the all important "stalk" with truck fumes burning their eyes......yeah, that would seem extreme I suppose. Leaving the trailor house at 7 pm instead of the usuall 9 to get an early jump on the road hunting......loosing that last chew to the old lady and being afraid to tell her you want it for yourself.....yeah, that is extreme. Leaving out for a day of hard hunting between the striped lines, and knowing full well you don't have any Shikabobs prepared......that is pretty damn extreme.........makes me want to just sit my ass home this fall.....
let me think, i would put out a bale of hay and with my trusty 30/06 to wait him out. i would chit in my neighbors well cause i don't like him but that would be just for fun.