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Elk wars


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Dec 23, 2000
Northern Colorado has been taken over. The Flat Top wilderness is occupied territory. Tens of thousand "wicked wapitis" are hideing behind every tree, running in all the cannyons. Elk are everywhere and their multipling at an alarming rate ! The locals are running for safty because the devastation is horrific. Medows trampled, grass eaten down to the nub, ELK TURDS EVERYWHERE !
The situation looks bleak, but do not dispare. The state of Colorado is mounting a counter offinsive called "Operation third season" From every road and trail head hunters will answer the battel cry.
At the same time, a covert mission will penatrate deep behind enemy lines. Two specially trained agents from this board will sneak in and mount a cavalry charge on the tragets flank. Liveing on nothing but beer & gumbo, they will pressure the elk from the high country until victory is ours!
This could be our last best chance to make the high country safe for women & children.
Failure is not an option.

This ain't rock & roll, this is VENICIDE !

<FONT COLOR="#800080" SIZE="1">[ 10-27-2002 03:21: Message edited by: Anaconda ]</font> that is funny....I laughed my ass off reading it......and it ain't too far from the truth.,.well, except maybe the "elk behind every tree" part ;)

Another small storm yesterday here, and a big one projected for Wed before we hit the trailhead on Thursday......I hope that "Special Op" covert operation has some warm pajamas, because it will get nasty at over 11,000 feet in November, that you can be sure. We will be in a dangerous, vunerable place being in 10+ miles that late, knowing whiteout is expected at any time. The horses can only do so much, and it takes time to get out if a "big one" hits during the night.........if I sound a little concerned, it's due to getting caught back in once before during the early season, much less a November hunt that high so far from the nearest trailhead. We're sure to see a lot of weather in the 10 days we will be gone. We will defimitely leave info with the Buckskin Network, and keep our eyes open for trouble due to snowstorms.......I don't generally get worked up about such things.....but I have had a funny feeling about this one for some time now......

....on another note, we have ransomed some 6 tags from Game and Fish, so hopefully we will get lucky and draw some blood. We'll do what we can for God and country ;) ....... doing the New mexico private land hunt again this year?

...good luck buddy.....
It will be on a mix of public and private land, but not with landowner tags this year. It's a different area. Last year, we were in 16-E, this year it's a muzzleloader/archery only unit, 15-B. There should be some bigger bulls there, but they may be in some deep canyons.

We have access on and through some small private land parcels to get to the back of the state land. Hopefully, the other hunters coming in from the other side will push them to us. There's only 150 hunters in the unit, though - so it won't be that crowded.

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