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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
I hiked in with Elkturd to a spot a week or so ago and we did a 4 day Backpack trip. Wylee met us on Day 3 and hiked out with us on Day 4.

Elkturd got a 1x2 on day three. Here is some Pictures of our camp and us having a BALL !!!!

I'm airing out the tent after a nights snow that melted because the weather got to be in the high 70's :


Wylee next to his 1938 Boyscout modle tent *SMILE*


I'm on the Left looking atthe Picture then Elk Turd is in the Middle and Wylee is looking like the shorty.. on the down hill on the downhill side :


Here is ElkTurds deer, with only Wylee sporting the hat :


Here is me and ELkturd posing with some Major packs. We hiked in with 2 Backpacks, one strapped on the Other one. We had Everything. Fortunately it was only about a 3.5-4 mile trip in. You know the Pack weighs to much when Your arm goes to sleep *HEHE*

are you sure that's the only reason for airing out the tent?
I heard about your passion for beans!
WTG elkturd on the massive rack!
All that hiking done to get away from the crowds?
MntMan.. There are bucks like that next to the road... It takes REAL MEN to Hike 4 miles in, set up a tent, and Hike another 1.5 miles over to the next drainage to shot a buck like that

We hiked back just for the Fun of it. We're still young and stupid. It's all about testosterone or something I heard
Way to go Turd. I am guessing after three days with Moosie it was time to shoot something and get out of there.
I am sure it will be tasty on the dinner table.

How did you guys do for seeing deer?
Turd left today for a 10 day Elk trip.. So I'll jump in on his Behalf. He would have said :

"I wasn't looking foward to leaving. Hunting with Moosie ws a joy and Everyone should have such a friend and Tallented hunter. He's dedicated and thinks faster then a computer and Climbs better then a mnt. goat... He's so ..." (Hell, Fill in the rest if ya want

On a more erious note, we didn't come across many bucks. We saw 4 forked horn(ish) deer and a 20" 3-4 point. The rest were does, aound 50-60 probably in total ? Elk Turd only had that weekend to hunt (Another excuse to add to the Elk section) and said he didn't care what he was going to shoot. Of course a nice big one is great, but it didn't happen so this was plan "B"

We did see a 5 point bull and a herd of cows. But that was it for the elk too.
Thanks for the update Moose, for once you had me rolling on the floor.
What is the deal with Turd hunting for 10 days and you are not onboard? I will assume he is in ID?

On another note, and obviously off subject, I went to Big Sky's link to read his CO story on campfire and saw one of the responders went by the name of Muc. That brought back some memories from Canada and a chuckle as well.
Buuuahahah !!

He's actually hunting with another guy.. they've been hunting together for the last 4 years... And Elk Turd hasn't killed a Elk in the last 4 years.... but I'm not going to say anything
I actually have an OK place to go, We usually see elk each time out and I'm not willing to Change to were they go and not ever see any.. (Is that OK to make jokes when He's not here to defend himself ??!)

In all Seriousnes, they went to a new spot this year and it should be a good spot. Yes, It's in ID. It's more Northern ID and you know me, I couldn't get away for 10 days if I tried.. having this wife with the Whip on me and all
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