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Elk processing in Wyoming

pa mt man

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Feb 3, 2002
One of our group got an elk on the first day and took it to Rocksprings cause he said it would be too expensive in Jackson. He said last time (4 or 5 years ago) he paid 400.00 in jackson. Well it was cheaper there. $380.00!!!
Is this the going price or does someone know of a cheaper place that does good work close to Jackson.don
depends on what you are having done to the meat. Having it all ground up into hamburger is by far the cheapest. Also cheaper if you skin teh animal and not make the processor do it. Sorry though, don't know any processors outside of Laramie, and the drive isn't worth what you will save.
Do you know who by chance he is having it done by? It stays rather competitive here for the processors so I am sure he got the fair going rate for what he wanted done. Processing is never cheap.
There are some guys down here in N. Utah that take a bunch to a place up in Star Valley. I can't remember the name of the joint but these guys said that they made some good stuff up there for a pretty reasonable price.
For future reference, the place in Star Valley is Dana's and is in Thayne, Wyoming. This year they are I believe 62 cents a pound. The place in Jackson this year is 70 cents a pound. Extra if they skin it for you also.

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